Monday, 1 January 2018

Are you Ready?

The new year is here again. Another January, another set of resolutions 😩, for some of us we are excited to have a clean slate and start again, we have set our goals and we are ready to conquer the world. Some of us are more on the uncertain side, better not to be disappointed. Well this year! We are not going to just breeze through, we are not going to get to June and wonder what kind of year is this? 12 months is a long time to just wing it! 

- A notebook/Diary 
- A Calendar 
- Sticky Notes 

NOTEBOOK/ DIARY : Order is so important for success, you need a notebook to prioritize your day, plan your day the night before, write your goals for the year in this book. That way you will be able to look back and know what you are working towards

CALENDAR - I mean a Hard copy calendar, not the ones on our phones, you need to hang this somewhere you will see it everyday, probably near the mirror, or on the wardrobe. The important events happening in your life should be ticked on it,   birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, travel plans, etc. a soft copy calendar is good but you don't want to be lost if something happens to your gadget( you can print a calendar on )  

STICKY NOTES- sticky notes are so important, sometimes you need to prep yourself, encourage yourself, remind yourself of important happenings during the week, Post your THEME For the year ( your slogan for the year e.g Postivity, Living my Best Life, Be the best Version of Myself, Daughter of the Most High, etc). Sticky notes are a must! So don't overlook it 

So back to the topic! Are you ready? Tick the boxes and let's know what your score is. To make it easy to remember I named it SHIPFCC

S - Spiritual : Did you set spiritual goals for the year? It doesn't have to be something big, little drops make a mighty ocean. You can start by going to church regularly, praying for 10 minutes before your day starts, read a chapter  of proverbs every day, etc

 H - Health: health is wealth! This is not a joke. You need to strive to eat better, take multivitamins if you need it, cut down on calories, excercise. Make sure you set a goal. I decided to drink green tea everyday and excerise twice a week. I know I might fail a few times but I know what I'm working towards. 

I - Interpersonal  Relationship - No man is an island. Our generation has a bad habit of cutting people off, sometimes we are the problems and other times we choose to stay in toxic relationships, as the new year starts take a review on what you can do better, how you can improve your relationships, what relationships need to be left in 2017. 


P- PERSONAL - set personal goals for yourself. How do you want to improve and develop yourself? Dress better? Be more presentable? Learn an art? Play an instrument? Perfect something you started previously, take a certification exam, etc .

F- Financial - Set a financial goal for yourself this  year. How much do you want to save by the end of the year? How do you plan on saving it? What medium will you use to save the money. We all have dreams but if we don't work towards them it cannot be achieved. Do you want financial freedom? What is your plan? Just a tip! Save before spending! Not after!  

Career - This aspect can be divided into work, academics( for those in school), career, business( for entrepreneurs) what is your goal for this year? Get a good job? Graduate? Increase your CGPA? Register your company? Make sure you work towards your goal. 

Charity-  It is so important to give this new year. You don't have to join an NGO to help someone out but make sure you have a plan to give back to the society. 

I know all this might seem overwhelming but if you can achieve some of the goals you set out in these departments, this new year will be not just eventful but fruitful. 

Remember! Small Victories lead to Big Wins! Start from somewhere! Cheers to a beautiful 2018 

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